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Countertops & Tiles

3 - Form

countertops and partitions
• varia line - uses ecoresin translucent, durable, non-toxic co-polyseter resin made from 40% recycled content and is GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality
• 100% HDPE - made entirely from discarded milk and detergent packaging, and is chemical, UV resistant, ideal for horizontal work surfaces, rest-room partitions, entirely recyclable


high pressure laminates made from cellulose fibers, then polymerized so are chemically inert (i.e. will not off gas)

slabs - consist of 100% recycled glass from hollow glass, tableware, and/or factory shards. Six colors are available - aquamarine, emerald forest, fossil amber, malachite, oriental jade, and white diamond.

solid surface
composed of 30-50% recycled post-industrial plastics and is completely recyclable, Durat's hard surface makes it a great choice for kitchens, baths or public places. It comes in 70 fun colors.

• Zodiac® - recycled line
• Corian® - recycled line


made from 70% post consumer & industrial materials in Raleigh, NC (offers LEED credits)

tiles & slabs - made from 80% post industrial and recycled content


terrazo style counters made from post-consumer glass, porcelain. mirrors, and tempered glass.

surface is composed of post-consumer recycled glass and concrete.
• sealed to prevent scratches and protect fromheat (up to 350º)
• stain resistant



counter top made from post consumer recycled paper, bound with a non-toxic resin and colored with natural dyes.
• durable - impact and heat resistant up to 350º
• good stain resistance
• easy to clean
• recyclable

made from tree pulp from managed forests in the USA and bound with a non-toxic resin. Richlite® is stain, scratch, and heat resistant, sanitary, and can be used in long cantilevers and spans.

TorZo™ Surfaces

Made from agricultural byproducts, such as wheat straw, sunflower husks, and recycled wood fibers and chips, so highly sustainable. Comes in 4 lines, DURUM, INDURE, ORIENT, SEETA, with 4 colors each. Raw material infused with water based resins and non-toxic. Surfaces have residential and commercial applications as a surface or partitions.

Totally Bamboo

Solid bamboo countertop sheets, 16% harder than maple, durable countertop surfaces, as well as construction stock for bookcases, table legs, architectural accents, etc.


All of the glass used in Vetrazzo is recycled - approximately 85% of the final material from neighborhood curbside recycling programs largly and also from post-industrial usage (i.e. windows, drinking glasses, automotive, stained & laboratory, demolished buildings, and decommisioned traffic light lenses).


Bedrock Industries

glass tiles made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass

Eco-Gres™ line - made from eco-friendly porcelain


Recycled glass tiles & recycled glass.

ModWalls eco-line

ModRocks™ Natural Polished Pebble Mosaics, ModRocks™ 100% Recycled Glass Pebbles, and all natural Cork Mosaic Penny Rounds made of end cuts from a wine cork manufacturer. All of these products are mesh mounted in square foot sheets or larger as noted, for easy modular installation.

Mosaico Italiano®

counter top made from post consumer recycled paper, bound with a non-tox

Sandhill Industries

100% recycled glass field tiles, mosaics and specialty tiles.

Susan Jablon Mosiacs - ORGANiKS

ORGANiKS is a 100% Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile made entirely from pre and post consumer material. Nearly 100 color choices are available to be used as a solid color, or made into blends and patterns.

Terra Green

counter top made from post consumer recycled paper, bound with a non-tox

Trend USA, Ltd.

Counters and tiles combining Italian artistic traditions with intelligent technology and creative innovation to produce beautiful counter and tile products made from recycled materials

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